Moab Area Watershed Management Plan

The Moab Area Watershed Partnership has been working on a Watershed Management Plan that will guide projects to improve water quality in Spanish and Castle Valley. It is a lengthy document that covers both surface and groundwater and how the MAWP intends to improve and protect water in Spanish and Castle Valley.


The MAWP realizes the monitoring and reporting policy could drive changes in this WMP, the projects, and the policies the MAWP supports. This is Version 1. This document is a working and living document that the MAWP has agreed to review and revise on an annual basis. At the very least projects will be completed and new projects developed and started. The Moab Area Watershed Management Plan will change with those projects and the focus of the MAWP. This is not a final document, there will never be a final document, but this a great place to start.


Moab Area Wateshed Management Plan

Sampling Analysis Plans

A Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP) for Castle and Spanish Valley has been developed through Utah Water Watch and Utah Division of Water Quality (UDWQ).  The sampling is intended to augment the monitoring done by UDWQ.  The plans concentrate volunteer sampling efforts in areas that are having the greatest difficulty meeting water quality standards.  The efforts also focus on field readings that do not require expensive laboratory analyses.  The SAP for each valley can be found by clicking the link below.

Castle Valley Sampling Analysis Plan

Spanish Valley Sampling Analysis Plan 

TMDL's associated with the Moab Area Watershed

Mill Creek TMDL

Castle Creek TMDL

Project Implementation Plans

Project Implementation Plans are required for EPA 319 grant funding. The implementation plans are a comprehensive document detailing all the projects  and project administration being performed in a watershed.

2014 Spanish Valley Project Implementation Plan

2014 Castle Valley Project Implementation Plan

Annual Monitoring Reports

Every November the Watershed Coordinator presents a summary of data collected during the previous water year. A water year is October 1 though September 30. The reports should document improvements in water quality as projects are completed. The summary and analysis also provides the MAWP with areas where projects could be focused to improve water quality.

2014 Annual Monitoring Report

2015 Annual Monitoring Report

2016 Annual Monitoring Report

2017 Annual Monitoring Report

2018 Annual Monitoring Report

2019 Annual Monitoring Report